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When a DUI charge threatens your finances, freedom, and future, you urgently need to get the high-caliber defense you can find at the Law Office of Jeffrey G. Hester.

Our DUI defense attorney is a former prosecutor who has handled 100s of trials. We can provide the advocacy you need in Birmingham, Jefferson County or Shelby County, AL.

Backed by battle-tested skill and insider knowledge, we know how to the craft the strongest defense possible against a government-backed prosecutor and the harsh penalties they will seek to impose on you. Discover your possible defenses when you call or email us today to schedule your FREE consultation.

Why Choose Our Criminal Defense Firm?

  • 15+ Years’ Experience

    When your future is on the line, there is no substitute for having a seasoned advocate on your side. We offer the proven, hard-hitting defense you need.

  • Former Prosecutor

    Armed with irreplaceable insight into the prosecution, we can launch an aggressive defense that is prepared for the prosecutor’s every legal tactic.

  • 100s of Cases Handled

    Our trial-tested attorney has advocated for countless clients, and knows how to successfully defend your rights in the courtroom. No case is too complex.

  • Dedication to Clients

    We do our utmost for every client. You are never just a paycheck here. We forge relationships with clients and battle tirelessly for their rights and futures.

Proven Defenses to DUI Charges

You've tested way over the BAC legal limit of 0.08%, or maybe you've failed the sobriety test administered by a police officer during a traffic stop. At this point, many drivers feel that a conviction is inevitable and that nothing can be done. This is not true at all. The reality is, law enforcement officials and the methods they use to test a driver's intoxication level are far from perfect. During DUI testing and arrests, a number of things can go wrong. Our law firm is well-versed in DUI defenses and strategies to beat drunk driving charges. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Jeffrey G. Hester knows how DUI cases are handled from both sides of the court.

When we prepare DUI defenses, we typically analyze important factors such as:

We can represent clients during criminal proceedings as well as administrative hearings with the Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS) concerning your driver’s license. You must schedule your administrative hearing within 10 days of your arrest. Our team can work quickly to schedule your hearing for you and prepare crucial evidence to present during the hearing.

Insightful, Powerhouse DUI representation

Our Birmingham DUI attorney has the proven experience, track record, and dedication that can get the results you need. You’re looking at hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in fines, months or even years in jail, and a permanent criminal record. On top of it all, your driver’s license could be suspended, and your career could be jeopardized. A DUI conviction would turn up whenever a potential employer or landlord runs a background check.

When you cannot afford a DUI conviction, you can rely on the Law Office of Jeffrey G. Hester. We put a former prosecutor and well over a decade of legal experience on your side to ensure that whether you have been charged with a felony DUI or a misdemeanor offense, you are equipped to fight for the positive outcome you need. Even if you have incriminating chemical test results such as breath and blood tests that exceed the legal limit, there is still a way to effectively defend your charges. Discover how we can give you cutting-edge defense and the ability to face the future with confidence.

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